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4 Types Of Google Fonts For Your Content Needs

  • Design Friday
  • 6th, Jan, 2020

Typography can be an incredibly powerful tool that has taken the web by storm. While you are building anything for the internet, it is a big challenge choosing the appropriate font, for it is an important step. Best graphic design agencies try to use fonts that reflect the specific needs of the project. These needs are not just aesthetic but also functional and technical as well. White label graphic design services use fonts for the best effects.

Why Is It Important?

While working for your website, you may use default fonts and colours as there a lot of other issues to handle; however, it would be a mistake to overlook fonts. Choosing the right kind of font can have a significant impact on your branding. Logos, numbers, or even characters have a subconscious effect on the reader. It can also create an immediate impression of the brand in the eyes of the reader.

So after a lot of research, I found five font combinations that are used by graphic design firms near me to build any digital content.

1. Open Sans

Created by Steve Matteson, it is one of the most popular Google Fonts that is widely used by some of the best graphic design agencies. It is an open free sans-serif font that is quite dynamic and can be used in a lot of scenarios. Being remarkably versatile, it combines well with other fonts. It pretty much goes well with different other fonts and is optimized for print, web, and mobile uses.

open sans font

2. Oswald

This font is designed to be used on any digital medium. It is remodelled in the early twentieth century “Alternate Gothic” typeface family. Created by Vernon Adam, it goes equally well with mobile devices as well. White label graphic design services use this font for titles or pop-ups.

oswald font

3. Roboto

It is one of the most popular fonts that has been downloaded numerous times from the Google Fonts website. Clean, stylish, and smart yet highly professional; this font is highly favoured by best graphic design agencies across the globe. Robot is the default font for Android and Chrome OS and is widely used in Google’s Material Design System. This font is highly readable for mobile and web users.

roboto font

4. Montserrat

As per my design sensibility, urban typography got a new face through this font style. Graphic design firms near me use this font to create a very modern contemporary look. This attractive sans serif font family was created by Julieta Ulannovsky and named it after the Montserrat neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

montserrat font

For any digital content, fonts are a compelling way of conveying the brand image. Best graphic design agencies use Google fonts for their content needs. With over 900 types of fonts, Google Fonts can make your digital content not only look good but also boost performance.