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What to Include in Business Logo Design

  • Design Friday
  • 3rd, Mar, 2022

A company’s logo is the most important branding element it can create. It is often the first thing people see, leaving a lasting impression. A well-designed logo will include many different design elements, which together will create a unique and memorable brand identity for your business.

A few of the most important elements to include in business logo design are as follows:

Company Name

You should include the company name in the business logo design. It is the most important element of the logo, and it should be prominently displayed. The company name should be easy to read and understand so it is clear which business your logo represents. Avoid using abbreviations or acronyms in the company name, as this can make it difficult for people to understand what your business does.


A tagline is a short word or phrase that summarizes your company’s main service. It can be a great way to differentiate your business from your competitors. The tagline should be included in the business logo design, as it can help reinforce your brand identity. However, be careful not to include too much text in the logo, as it can be difficult to read and remember.

Color Scheme

Two designers working on logo in shared workspaceProper use of color is essential in business logo design. The colors you choose will convey a certain message about your business and complement the company name and tagline. Some popular color schemes for business logos include blue and yellow, green and orange, and red and black. Experiment with different color combinations to find the one that best represents your business.

Font Styles

The fonts used in your business logo design should be easy to read and understand. It should also be complementary to the company name and tagline. Try to avoid using more than two different font styles in your business logo, as this can make it look cluttered and difficult to read. You can also experiment with different font sizes to find the best suits your business logo.


The layout of your business logo is just as important as the design elements themselves. The layout should be simple and easy to understand so it can be quickly recognized. Try to avoid using too many different design elements, as this can make it look cluttered and confusing. Try to keep it simple and clean so people can quickly identify it.

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Symbols can be a great way to represent your business. Symbols are easy to remember and help people quickly understand what your business does. However, you should be careful not to use too many symbols, as this can make it look cluttered and confusing. Try to choose one or two symbols representing your business and stick with them.

Social Media Icons

When it comes to business logo design, consider including social media icons. These icons can help promote your business and increase brand awareness. Additionally, they can make it easier for customers and clients to connect with you online. There are a variety of social media platforms that you may want to consider including in your logo design. Some of the most popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Final Words

Businesses that invest in a well-designed logo will have a distinct advantage over their competitors. A good business logo can leave a lasting impression and help build brand awareness for your business. By including these key elements, you can create a memorable business logo that represents your business in the best way possible.

Brand Logo Design Creation

Following these tips can help with the creation of your business’s brand logo design. If you are in need of that extra help to make your logo the best it can be, then Design Friday is here to provide those services to create the best logo for your business. Visit our website or contact us at (917) 231-2570 today!