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How To Design a Logo That Stands Out

  • Design Friday
  • 17th, Mar, 2022

Successful brands and businesses are built on the foundation of a well-designed logo. An instantly recognizable logo is an important part of your company’s overall brand identity.

Finding inspiration for a memorable logo might be difficult without an overarching goal. When developing a brand logo design, always take your time and make sure it reflects your brand’s values and target market. Using this method, you’ll be able to give your logo a distinct personality and set it apart from the crowd.

Use these pointers and strategies to make your brand stand out while attracting your intended audience.

Two graphic designers collaborating on design on computer worksapceDefine Your Brand Identity

You need to figure out what your brand stands for before choosing a logo design. When creating your brand logo design, make sure it reflects your company’s identity and voice. A logo that contradicts the brand’s message will leave the audience scratching their heads about what the company is saying.

Decide on a Design Aesthetic

When creating a brand logo design, the first step is to choose a design aesthetic that reflects your company’s identity.

  • Classic: This brand logo design style keeps things simple by avoiding overly complex color schemes, images, and typefaces. It gives the impression that you are trustworthy and down-to-earth.
  • Minimalist: This brand logo design style features negative space, minimal details, and clean lines. It tells your customers that you’re modern and know what matters.
  • Vintage: Customers will know that you care about history and that your products are made well if you choose this design. Hand-painted logos in earthy colors complement this style perfectly.
  • Handcrafted: Personality and handmade quality are conveyed through this style.
  • Quirky: Bright and cheerful, this style uses icons or drawings to convey a positive and welcoming message.

Try Out Different Typefaces

Ensure that the typeface you use for your logo is consistent with your brand’s identity. Since your target audience’s perceptions of your services are greatly influenced by the font you pick, you need to consider it well and adhere to industry standards. Four basic typefaces can be used to create a unique appearance for your logo:

  • Serif fonts: The “feet” at the tip of each letter, known as serifs, lend an old-fashioned feel to the typeface. Classic and high-end logos can be created with this font.
  • Sans serif fonts: Sans-serif typefaces are ideal for a clean, contemporary appearance. With no serifs, they appear to be sleeker and more refined.
  • Display fonts: Display typefaces are highly styled decorative fonts that draw the viewer’s attention right away.
  • Script fonts: Script typefaces seem like handwriting. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated calligraphic font or a more casual script, there are many options out there.

Consider the Colors

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During the brand logo design process, it’s crucial to think about the color scheme. Having a basic grasp of color psychology is essential to keep your customers engaged and educated about your business. Here are some commonly used colors and how they are interpreted and used:

  • Red: Useful in advertising campaigns involving luxury goods and services
  • Orange and yellow: Symbols that inspire innovation and foster healthy, cheerful, and stimulating environments
  • Green: Represents eco-friendly products as well as banking institutions
  • Blue: Conveys a sense of professionalism, business appeal, and connection
  • Purple: Associated with royalty and has an air of refinement about it
  • Black and white: Ideal for minimalist brands or for showcasing luxury goods

Help from Design Friday

Logos are crucial to a company’s branding because they leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Having a recognizable logo can make it easier for customers to remember your brand. Reach out to Design Friday for help with your logo! Visit our website or call (917) 231-3570 today!