Modern Logo Design Trends

5 Modern Logo Design Trends

  • Design Friday
  • 14th, Dec, 2019

When it is about business the most important thing most people look for is the company’s logo. It is a common practice across popular brands to revamp logos according to what the company wants to convey to its customers or suppliers. For a graphics design company along with websites or paper design, logo designing is a vital activity. A design company can choose to take the service of a white label graphic design agency to increase productivity and help give clients an excellent turnaround time. White label design agencies provide various services like unlimited edits, priority design services, etc to speed up client delivery. However, it is pertinent that an understanding of the design trends can go a long way in making a happy client.

Let us now go through the 5 modern logo design trends

1. Semi-Flat Logo

These logos have a three-dimensional feel and are quite distinctive. These logos are easily visible and stand out very well on any website or digital content space. These logos can be created by clever use of gradient colour to get the shadow effect with the use of angles. Being a very modern design trend they are very well accepted in the technology circle that gives their brand a very modern look. Graphic design agencies adopt this style to give the logo a feel that the company is modern, adaptive and up-to-date.

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2. Geometric Logo

Graphics is all about shapes and they can communicate diverse meanings. A curve and continuous stretched line spell relaxation, while squares and triangles speak of organization structure organization, efficiency etc. A logo design by any white label design agency in geometrics expresses a minimalistic form that is very sleek, modern and can go well with different types of mediums.

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3. Breaking Letters Logo

Be it design companies or a white label design agency another very upcoming logo design trend amongst designers is the breaking of letters aesthetically from the logo. Generally, every logo would have letters that can be cut in an eye-catching manner. While it may seem pretty straightforward and simple but it takes quite a bit of creative competence to give the logo its aesthetics. Various aspects like the font, the characters, breaking the letter form etc need to be considered to give the logo an attractive look.

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4. Optical illusion Logo

These logos are in trend now and are one of the most challenging logos to design. It takes a lot of creative decisions to design this eye tricking logos. The styles adopted are fragmented, wrapped or visually broken – all are good to go as long as it brings out the meaning amply.

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5. Patterned or Repetition Logo

Incorporating repetitions of patterns in logos in the latest design trends in designing. It is unconventional to use patterns in logos but can be very attractive and make people notice. Such logos leave an everlasting impression in the customer’s mind about the brand.

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To sum up, while these are some of the very modern logo design trends but be it a white label design agency or graphic design company, they can follow various other directions that can branch out of these trends which is a creative decision for a designer. Who knows a new trend may emerge.