Two people at a graphic design company sit at their desks.

5 Questions to Ask Graphic Design Companies

  • Design Friday
  • 23rd, Apr, 2021

When looking for help with a logo or similar design work, choosing among the many graphic design companies can be quite overwhelming. There are countless design professionals out there that claim to offer the best services.

However, not all of these graphic design agencies are the same. The pricing, creative process, knowledge, delivery, and skills can vary greatly from one firm to the next. So how can you choose which of them is the right one for your needs?

Here are five questions you need to ask graphic design companies to get the best results.

Question 1: What Is Your Design Process?

When browsing for a design company, it is essential to get a feel for how they operate. Learning their design process will let you know what you can expect from the team. Although the creative process requires free-thinking, you want to look for a design agency that can communicate this to you clearly.

Depending on the type of project, the firm may choose to go through available data or interview users to determine the best approach.  They should also be open to at least one round of constructive feedback and iteration before submitting the final designs.

Question 2: Is the Work Original or Do You Use Templates?

It is crucial to know whether a design company creates original designs or if they use templates for their projects. Projects based on templates are not made specifically for a client. It follows a generic concept that anyone can purchase.

The benefit of using a template is that it is either free or inexpensive. However, you oftentimes end up sharing a design concept with another company.

Custom designs are made from scratch by a team of designs and artists who take the time to study the brand. Choosing custom design allows creativity to flow freely and ensures that the brand messaging of the client is unique.

Question 3: Do You Charge for Revisions?

Some graphic design companies offer a low price up-front but then charge you when revisions are needed. Meanwhile, other firms have a limit on the number of revisions you can request.

These restrictions can hinder the creative process and leave clients unsatisfied with the designs that fail to meet their expectations or requirements.

That is why it is important to ask what type of process a design company follows with regards to revisions.

Question 4: What Information Do I Need to Provide as a Client?

Be careful of design companies that say they don’t need input for a project. Design and logo work can’t be made according to your expectations if your participation is not required.

Reputable companies require basic contact and company details from their clients. They also ask for style guidelines and references that you prefer. Some may even require you to fill out some information using a creative brief.

Question 5: What Is Your Pricing Structure?

Another important question to ask graphic design companies is the prices for their services. Two of the most common pricing structures in this industry are the flat-fee and hourly rate. These two have pros and cons, but flat-fee agreements are often the easiest to budget.

The advantage of the hourly rate is that some projects can be completed faster, and thus, require fewer funds. One disadvantage of this agreement, however, is that you can only know how much you have to pay once the invoice arrives.

Now that you know the five important questions to ask design firms, you can have more confidence when it comes to hiring.

Although having to choose from the many graphic design companies can be tiring, asking the right questions from the start can help you avoid problems and find the right agency for your needs.