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All You Need To Know About Infographics Designs

  • Design Friday
  • 17th, Jan, 2020

Infographics created by top graphic design companies in the USA came into existence about a decade ago and are generally used for communication in classrooms, in the workplace and all across the world wide web. It’s a form of visual stories created for people to share the information or data quickly and clearly.

What is Infographics?

Infographics are basically simplified visual data comprising of imagery, charts and minimal text to quickly understand the whole topic at a glance with a set conclusion.

In psychological terms, humans incorporate 90% of information through infographics as compared to those boring black and white lengthy data reports with no images at all!

Infographic Design Examples

Infographics quickly grab the attention of the viewers making the information or data interesting, engaging and flexible to comprehend. Here’s a quick guide for you to understand what infographics really are and how graphic designing agencies in the USA create them.

A Well-Balanced Blog by Linkedin

In today’s scenario, infographics have taken over the whole business. Therefore, exploring the creativeness and finding out the uniqueness of the infographics is necessary to lead the market. The Linkedin Infographic is just the perfect example.

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It was created using visual metaphor to communicate the information in spite of incorporating regular images. It takes a thematic approach to content and relies heavily on visuals.
Photography is a visually appealing medium, and meat, vegetables, grains get a new dimension through infographic designs. Infographics make them look fantastic and attractive.

The Sound of Color by Kelly Moore Paints

Whether you are buying a new home or a car, choosing the right colour is a reflection of your personality. Knowing this, Kelly-Moore Paints came up with a brilliant idea of choosing colours based on the person’s favourite music. The result was excellent infographics. It became an art piece that was colourful visually based on emotions that were experienced while listening to music.

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Graphic designing and White-Label graphic designing agencies can take idea from this unique infographic design.

The Create and Consume Content by NewsCred

The NewsCred infoGIF was designed using animated illustrations to focus mainly on brand survey questions. For publishing in blog posts, social media, etc. the designs were set into stand-alone panels making the data a creatively visualized form. Hence, proving not all infographics are supposed to be static.

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Infographics are the best storytellers through a visual medium that help marketers communicate. Above mentioned pointers are few creative ideas that the graphic designing and white label graphic designing agencies can incorporate the next time they are about to create an engaging post for a brand.