Create a Brand with Graphic Design Companies

  • Design Friday
  • 20th, Aug, 2021

Good graphic design goes beyond visual appeal and taps into emotions. Graphic design brings your brand’s values, mission, and purpose to life. Good graphic design looks aesthetically pleasing, makes a solid first impression, and meets all of a brand’s needs. The best graphic design companies challenge the norms, engages and connects with the audience. 

Why are Good Graphics Essential to Your Brand?

Graphic design encompasses everything from logos to packaging. It is a necessity to have a marketing strategy that encourages brand loyalty and displays your brand identity. Having great graphics will tell a story, increase sales, and leave a lasting impact. In addition, cohesive branding allows your brand to stand out amongst many mediums and platforms. 

Brand Identity

The brand identity encompasses all the visual aspects of a brand that represents its values and purpose. When creating your brand identity, you should analyze the data and brand as your guide, but don’t let it hinder you from thinking out of the box. When choosing elements for your brand, consider your current and target audience. Let your branding mirror your core values. Branding may evolve over time, but the brand’s identity should remain consistent.  

Marketing Material 

Logos, websites, social media, business cards, newsletters, emails, advertisements, and more are some of the marketing materials a graphic design company will produce. The best graphic design companies will create strong marketing materials that reflect the elements and principles of graphic design (see below). Cohesive marketing will reflect your brand’s professionalism and allow you to stand out from your competition.  


Line, shape, color, texture, typography, space, and value.


Scale, emphasis, balance, pattern, unity, hierarchy, and movement.

Qualities of Graphic Design Teams 

Brand Concepts

It is crucial to find the best graphic design companies to fit your brand’s needs. Some of the top qualities to look for in a graphic design company are trust, flexibility, growth, and reliability. A good portfolio is important but productive communication and trust are equal. 


Having trust in your graphic design team is crucial for your brand’s success. After all, you hired them for their talent and expertise. Constant communication will significantly improve your trust in your graphic designer. Having a continuous open conversation about the design will allow for minor adjustments throughout the process rather than right before the deadline. The designer will also appreciate your communication throughout rather than the end to make sure they are on the right track. 

Flexibility & Growth  

Flexibility and versatility are important qualities to possess in a graph designer. Design is constantly evolving, and making sure your graphic designer is ahead of the curve will ensure you are receiving great work. The best design companies have a growth mindset and are willing to learn from others. Clients and designers will not always see eye to eye, and that is okay. However, the best graphic design companies encourage constructive criticism and are excited to grow their skills to stay ahead of the curve. 


Before choosing a graphic design team or designer, make sure to check out their portfolio. Make sure their work is consistently delivered on time and held to a high standard. A good designer should have good time management skills to make certain work is delivered on time or sooner for review. 

Are you Searching for the Best Graphic Design Companies?

Finding a graphic design company that you can trust to build your brand is imperative. Named after Man Friday (a man who helps someone with their work and is loyal and can be trusted) from the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, Design Friday is your trusted partner for all your graphic design needs. Contact your simple and trusted design team at (917) 231-3570!