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Differences Between Hourly and Flat Rate Graphics

  • Design Friday
  • 29th, Oct, 2021

The purpose of having a graphic designer is to help communicate your brand’s message to your audience. Having a unique logo design will attract potential customers as they are more likely to remember it. When you are ready to hire a graphic designer, they will either propose their hourly rate or flat rate for your specific project. 

Here, we will be outlining what each rate means and its pros and cons so you can come to a solution that will help you create your brand’s identity.

What is an Hourly Rate

As the name suggests, hourly rate is the price you will be charged for a project per hour. When it comes to quoting potential clients, designers estimate how many hours the project will take and multiply those hours by their stated hourly rate. Some of the criteria designers follow to figure out their hourly rate are the following:

  • The designer’s experience
  • The specific project details
  • Value your business will receive from the project
  • Expenses the designer might incur 

What is a Flat Rate

In contrast, flat rate graphics refers to the designer being charged a fixed price, regardless of how much time is spent in completing the project. Having a flat rate is usually viewed as a better idea because you and the graphic designer will know the cost to complete a project from the beginning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hourly Rates Graphics

When utilizing hourly rates, graphic designers have to track how much time they spend to complete the project. It is recommended that the designer works in house, as it will ensure accurate time tracking from both parties. 

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For smaller projects, it may be better to use hourly rates because you know it will take a short amount of time to complete. If your business has a budget, it is important to receive a quote from the designer that fits the budget and has some wiggle room in case there are changes within your specific project.

This leads into the next benefit of using hourly rates which is its flexibility. Sometimes, there are things that you cannot control especially when it comes to graphic design projects and by using an hourly rate, it can be easy to have changes done without having to re-quote a project.


One disadvantage is that you will not know how much you will be charged until the project is complete. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Flat Rate Graphics

As mentioned before, one of the advantages of using flat rates is that they are quoted in advance, and are flexible in that you have the ability to choose what services you want and you will know the cost of the project that will fit your budget. 

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Flat rates can also have subscription services where you can pay monthly and be able to have different graphic design projects completed. Another benefit is that you can negotiate the cost of your project with the graphic designer. 


One disadvantage is that because time is not really tracked like hourly rates, it might take a while before your project is completed. To avoid this, it is important to outline a rough timeline that you would like the project to be completed.

Need Quality Graphic Design Services?

Now that you know the difference between hourly and flat rate graphics, you can decide on which one you will utilize for your business. Graphic designers create a big impact on businesses as it gives them the ability to convey their brand, story, and message to its clients.

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