Different Types of Logos and When to Use Them

  • Design Friday
  • 11th, Jun, 2021

When growing your business, a strong modern logo design will set you apart from the competition. A logo is one of the first things a potential customer will notice and your logo must leave a strong impression. But with the internet exposing you to thousands of logos a day, how do you choose the most effective logo for your business?

Modern Logo Designs 

Logos have changed drastically over the past few decades. Modern logo designs are now sleek and very distinguishable, but can also be simple or detailed. They change widely depending on the age of your business or your place in the market. But, when should you use specific types of logos? 

Brand Mark Logos

Brand mark logos (also known as pictorial logos) are modern logo designs with a simple logo made up of an icon or symbol. These symbols typically represent a real world item or place. Examples of these modern logos would be Apple, Twitter, Nike, and many other everyday logos.

You would typically use a brand mark when your brand is already established. You must be recognizable before changing your logo to become a brand mark. Be cautious and do not jump too fast to a brand mark logo.

Logotypes Logos

Logotype logos (also known as a watermark logo) are modern logo designs similar to Coca-Cola and Google. These are beautifully designed company names. They do not contain symbols or icons. They are as simple as your business’s name.

Be cautious when using these logos if you have a long business name. They become too large with too long of a company name. Additionally, these need to change with changing times to match modern fonts and designs.

Monograms Logos

Modern monogram logos are the perfect type of design for a long named business. These modern logo designs are used in companies such as HBO, NASA, CNN, EA, and many other businesses. These logos may be confusing to potential customers at first, but an easy solution is to place the full name/another logo below the monogram.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are void of text. Instead they are strict pictures of emotion. They are logos that try to spark the emotion you would feel when considering or using their product.

Once again, these logos suffer from brand identity. If you are new to the market, having just an abstract logo will be tough. You should add in text below the logo if you are attempting to build brand awareness and identity.

Emblem Logos

Emblem logos are classic and still resonate well in modern times. These are logos within a geometric shape. This can include brands such as The NFL, Harley-Davidson, Starbucks, and much more. These can be placed easily on clothing and worn like seals. If just beginning a business, these are a safe choice because you can slowly shift to another logo as time progresses.

Combination Logos

Combination logos are pairings of two or more types of logos into one. Examples of these are Warner Bros, Dove Soap, and Burger King. These are also great for new to market businesses because customers can become aware of multiple parts of your brand.

Stationery desktop with design stuff, computer and graphic tablet. Benefits of Having a Modern Logo Design

Having a modern logo design allows customers to resonate with your brand. But what exactly does a beautiful, slick, modern logo look like?

Builds Trust

Building trust with your potential customers is crucial to brand awareness. A strong modern logo design can let customers know what your business is all about which allows them to generate trust.

Brand Communication

Building trust also builds brand communication. Creating a communication about your brand through a modern logo design does half the work to obtain a customer.

Brand Remembrance and Loyalty

Once a customer sees your  modern logo design, you want them to remember it. This becomes important when the consumer needs to make another purchase. We want them to remember your brand and a strong modern logo design can accomplish this.

Need Help Creating a Logo?

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