features of html 5

Features Of HTML 5 And CSS 3

  • Design Friday
  • 13th, Jan, 2020

This article is an attempt to understand the syntax of HTML markup and the structure of the Web page along with an understanding of CSS 3. For some time, best graphic design agencies used external plugins were used to add features that were not supported natively by web browsers in areas of 2D drawings, animation, and multimedia. CSS 3 aims to resolve this issue.

New Feature of HTML

In this section, we would uncover the new features of HTML 5. Designers in the white label graphic design services need to have an understanding of the various new semantic elements, <canvas> element, playing <audio> and <video>.

Semantic Elements

The HTML 5 introduces a new series of semantic elements that the best graphic design agencies can use to give meaning to the header, footer section of a web page. Let us look at some of the main elements

<header> – It is used to define header of an entire page or an <article> element or a <section> element.

<footer> – It defines a footer either at page end or at the end of a section or an article.

<aside> – This element can be used to markup a sidebar or another content that is a bit separate that the surrounding content.

<canvas> Element

Top graphic design companies can use this element along with 2D drawing APIs to create shapes, text, transitions, and animations inside the element. The APIs make the <canvas> element interactive and can take user input through mouse events and key events hence allowing the development of games and web applications on the canvas.

Playing <audio> And <video>

HTML 5 includes two new elements <audio> and <video>, which designers of the best graphic design agencies to include multimedia content without the support of plugins. However, key issues with these elements are the file formats supported by different browsers and the patent licensing issues that are there with various codecs that these files can be encoded with.

New Feature in CSS 3

In this section, we would introduce the designers of white label graphic design services to the exciting new features of CSS 3.

New Selectors

A CSS selector is a way in which HTML elements are styled using stylesheets. Some of the new attribute selectors are:
E[foo^=”bar”] – Select an element, E, whose foo attribute begins exactly with the string bar

E[foo$=”bar”] – Select an element, E, whose foo attribute ends exactly with the string bar

New Effects

Here is a list of some of the new effects that are supported by CSS 3

  • background (now supports multiple backgrounds)
  • border-radius (rounded corners)
  • border-image
  • opacity
  • text-shadow
  • word-wrap

Multi-column Layouts

This feature helps the text to spread out over several columns. The column width property defines the width of the column. The column count whereas defines the number of columns to be used. Other features include column-gap property, column rule property, etc.

This article is just the beginning of the vast array of features that HTML 5 or CSS 3 gives to designers of the best graphic designers companies to create robust and flexible web solutions.