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How Custom Graphic Design Makes Your Brand Stand Out

  • Design Friday
  • 29th, Apr, 2021

The graphic design industry is rapidly growing. On average, it is estimated that the number of employed graphic designers in the United States will increase by 20% in the following years. That is a significant trend, and there is a good reason behind it.

Like you, business owners, especially those who operate online, understand how graphic design can help them in marketing, sales, and brand awareness and management. After all, there are multiple ways that custom graphic design can make brands stand out — both online and offline — and bring success.

A great design can help people notice your brand in a sea of companies doing everything they can to capture people’s attention. Regardless of where you will use it, standing out with custom graphic design is almost all pros and few cons. 

The bottom line is that graphic design directly influences the results of your marketing efforts. Repeatedly using the same uncreative, low-quality design will make you lose face, push your brand into obscurity, and undo all the positives of your marketing campaigns.

You must get the best graphic design company to take advantage of all the benefits visual arts can give to your company. However, to know which company to choose, you should know how and where custom graphic design can make your brand stand out.


Ultimately, custom graphic design can help you have an effective logo that identifies well with your brand. You should know that it is the most important image in your company. It acts as your brand’s face, and people will closely associate it with your business. Can you think of Amazon without its logo popping into your head?

A custom designed logo is much more memorable than imitating generic ones.


Aside from your logo, graphic design can help your website and online presence. This is crucial if you do your business online or run an eCommerce shop. 94% of your visitors will leave your website if it has low-quality design and graphics. 

Custom designed website layouts and images can prevent that from happening. 

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Company Color Theme

Aside from designs, images, and layout, a great custom graphic design will focus on using the appropriate color theme for your brand to stand out. After all, the effect of colors on buyer behavior is real.

Choosing the right color for your logo can increase your brand recognition by 80%. For example, what is the first company you think of when you picture a red and yellow color scheme? There’s a good chance that it’s McDonald’s.

Company Font

Choosing the right color can affect people’s buying behavior. On the other hand, typography affects how people perceive your company. For example, choosing Comic Sans can make people see your brand as easygoing. Using clean and traditional fonts, on the other hand, can make people see that your brand is managed in a straightforward and serious manner.

Social Media

Social media is currently one of the best ways to spread brand awareness. However, many companies, organizations, and individuals are already doing the same thing, and your target audience’s screen and feed are too limited to accommodate everyone.

If your ads, posts, and videos contain a mediocre-looking picture or thumbnail, your target audience will unintentionally ignore you. You need to have an image that stands out from the rest for your audience to at least spend two to three seconds of their limited time and attention span on you.

The quality of images affects the effectiveness of your posts. For one, Facebook posts with high-quality, relevant photos tend to receive more than 230% more engagement than posts without an image. Twitter posts with images tend to get retweeted by 150% more than text-only posts. Pinterest traffic can increase by 62.5% if you use pictures from it in your blog posts.


You can make your website content impactful by taking advantage of infographics. A few years ago, just having an image filled with data and numbers could pass as a great infographic. Nowadays, you must make sure that it has a matching high-quality custom graphic design to capture your visitors’ attention.

Attractive and informative infographics can pull in 12% more website traffic.

Pitch Decks

As a brand manager or business owner, you know that you deal with more than just leads and customers. You also need to meet potential investors, and you must have great graphic design in your presentation or pitch deck.

93% of consumers decide on buying a product based on visual appearance alone.

Custom Graphic Design Can Pave the Way to the Top

Taking advantage of custom graphic designs is the right move. Making your brand stand out is not an easy task given how the market is oversaturated with distractions and competitors. Let your brand have a higher fighting chance with the best custom graphics designs you can source.