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How Custom Graphics Make Your Brand Better

  • Design Friday
  • 6th, Aug, 2021

Graphics may not feel like your top priority, but they are crucial for your brand. No matter your brand, you can benefit from custom graphic design to further your business and gain new clients. If you are looking to promote your brand or learn more, we’ve listed our top three reasons custom graphics are vital to your brand

    1. Uniformity = Dependability 

Among many social platforms, websites, and advertisements your brand might manage, they all must follow similar formatting. To create a cohesive brand image, logos, fonts, and colors must stay the same. Typically, brands have their primary logo, alternative logo, and sub marks. This will help to make potential clients recognize your brand and become more familiar. A brand with custom graphics tailored to their business will instantly leverage them because potential clients are more inclined to look and trust custom, cohesive branding. 

    2. Professionalism

In addition to uniformity, custom graphics will help create a clean and professional look. For example, when you visit a website from a business card, you expect it to be designed similarly to the card. The business card might include the alternative logo or sub mark, but it will look cohesive with the website. The same goes for social media, print advertisements, and merchandise (if applicable). If your brand is not cohesive, potential clients will not recognize your brand each time. Eye-catching graphics will make viewers take a second look and make an excellent first impression of your brand. A credible brand should also look credible. 

Brand name written over black paper background with white and blue wooden colored pencils. 3D illustration

    3. Brand Identity 

Brand identity goes beyond graphics. It includes mission, vision, culture, behavior, etc. Still, it is crucial to have custom designs and logos to have a brand identity. Your custom graphics should encompass your brand’s culture and values. Strong brand identity will allow customers to recognize your brand without your brand name displayed.

Keep Up with the Competition 

Technology has made it easier than ever to create your brand or business. Sites such as Etsy have allowed individuals to streamline their ideas into a reality. Etsy, for example, allows users to post their creation then their role is to promote their account once posted. This is where brand identity comes into play. Sellers with cohesive branding and graphics are way more likely to be successful in their sales. Custom logos, packaging, and stickers all contribute to buyer retention and creating a following.  In addition to Etsy, individuals have started marketing themselves on platforms such as Instagram. 

Content creators create a cohesive feed or ‘aesthetic.’ Often, creators post custom graphics with preset filters they created to stand out. They often sell their photographs and presets to their followers who want to be associated with the brand. Producing professional and cohesive graphics is vital for websites, logos, profile pictures, and merchandise. As a result, they are more likely to go viral for their aesthetic and ultimately profit from a brand they created themselves with their custom graphics.   

While the entry barriers were initially low, growing your brand has become more challenging due to market saturation. However, staying current with your branding and cohesive custom graphics across all your platforms will help keep you in the competition. This is why contacting a graphic designer for your brand is essential for your business. 

Customer Relationships 

Custom graphic designs will help you grow a following and enable customers to promote your brand easily. As a result, buyers will be able to share and repost your brand, attracting more customers and clients. Not only is this free advertising, but it is exceptionally efficient for your brand.  

Start Creating Custom Graphics Now 

Do you want your brand to make a more significant first impression? Does your branding lack to reflect your professional and trustworthy work? Uniformity? If you answered yes or want to learn more, contact your trusted partners, Design Friday, at (917) 231-3570 for all your custom design needs!