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How Important Are Logos for Your Company?

  • Design Friday
  • 15th, Oct, 2021

When you are in business, you have a lot of aspects to think about, one of them is your business logo design, or the visual identity of your brand, also known as a logo. You might believe you don’t need to have a logo to begin with. You want to build a customer base and get some revenue before spending money on this, but it is important that you know that your visual identity is an investment for your brand that can actually help you to get those customers and revenue you are eager to get. Why? Let’s see what a logo is to get to the point of its importance for your company.

What is a Logo?

A logo is the first point of identification with your audience, no matter if it is an individual or another company. It’s a symbol that allows your prospects to be aware of your company’s existence with just a glance. A logo is a unique identifier and the foundation of a brand. But let’s be clear in this: Your brand is not a logo, your brand is the perception your audience has about your business, built around different aspects (mostly intangibles). 

Your brand is a belief system with core values, a specific purpose, a unique and valuable mission, and a vision. Your brand is the way you emotionally connect with your audience every time they have an interaction with your company.

Your business logo is a design composed of images, fonts, typography, colors, and shapes that are used creatively to communicate that belief system or in other words, the essence of your brand with no words. 

So, when we say that you have to communicate all the most important aspects of your company in just one image, a business logo design is kind of a big deal for your business success in the mid and long-term.

Principal Components for a Business Logo Design?Young Asian woman leading business creative team in mobile application software design project.

With your logo, you set the tone of your brand in a clear and easy way to be interpreted quickly by your audience. Your logo has to be versatile so you can print it in all the marketing collateral you will produce to advertise your company. Therefore, you should be able to print it at any size with a high-quality ending and be effective even without color, such as black. 

Think about the most known brands, you know what they are with only one look. No matter the color, the size, the words that name them, you are able to identify them only with the shape of that shell, that fruit, that big M, that bird, etc. 

But what made these logos so good? If you analyze them, they are simple, timeless, versatile, and appropriate to their industry and audience target. That made them memorable.

Remember these 3 aspects for a successful logo:

  • Typography: To communicate the tone of voice and personality.
  • Graphics: To show in an image of what your company’s mission is. 
  • Colors: To trigger emotions and give meaning. Powerful brands stick to a simple color palette of less than three main colors.

The Importance of a Business Logo Design

The logo is a part of the company’s branding process. Branding is about storytelling and the logo is the foundation of the entire narrative. You communicate the authority of your product or service to build credibility and trustworthiness. When a logo is well done, you have a powerful first impression that stands out from your competitors and an easy and quick way to find you. In the long-term, you have loyalty from that audience that is aware of your brand, identifies with your essence, and looks for you when they need you.

Treat your business logo design as an initial investment and not as a waste of money that you will do when you can. You won’t regret it!

Ready for a Business Logo Design?

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