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How To Create a Logo For My Business

  • Design Friday
  • 10th, Dec, 2021

How To Create a Logo For My Business

Have you recently started a business? Or have you recently decided to improve on your existing marketing and design? One immediate concern you may have is your logo — the face of your business. If you have decided to put pen to paper and create your own logo, then you might be feeling confused about how to begin. Our article will help you figure out the best way to create a logo for your business.

Importance of Having a Good Logo

Your logo is part of the first impression you leave on your potential customers. At a glance, a well-designed logo can tell customers who you are, what you do, and how well you do it. Even with no prior knowledge of your business, people can make snap decisions based on your visual branding and business logo design.

If you have a logo that looks unprofessional, customers may elect to choose a different business that they like the look of instead. A strong business logo design will help you stand out among the competition and ensure that customers remember your business.

Popular Logo Designs and Color SchemesLogo examples on paper and notebook

One of the most important things to remember while creating a business logo design is that it is meant to represent your business as a whole. It should also be clear and easy to interpret, as well as usable on various forms of digital and print media. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Keep It Simple

Companies have been simplifying their business logo design for years now, and the trend is here to stay. Flat design, where there are no illusions of depth or dimension, and negative space design, where white or blank space is used as a graphic element or letter inside a logo, are two very popular ways of designing a logo. Good design does not need to be over-complicated — it just needs to communicate effectively and be memorable.

Another popular simple business logo design is a wordmark logo, which uses the brand name in text or lettering and then styles it in a unique way to make it usable as an easily-identifiable mark in branding.

Experiment With Lines and TypographyLogo examples on desk

Thick lines, thin lines, stretched or wavy typography, disappearing letters, overlapping geometric shapes — using these elements in combination can make for a strong, bold logo that will be both simple and iconic. You do not have to conform to any boxes when designing a logo for your business, but always make sure to keep it well-balanced.

Monochrome vs Vivid Colors

A black and white color scheme evokes sophistication and class while being timeless enough to move forward with new styles of design. On the other hand, color is a very effective tool for evoking emotions in your customers that can help them form a deeper connection with your brand. Both monochrome and vivid color schemes have their place in logo design, and it is important to consider your target audience when choosing one over the other.

Look Back — Retro, Grunge, and Groovy

While minimalism is the poster child of modern design, some popular business logo design choose to look back on older eras to evoke nostalgia or an immediate association with a certain style or movement. Retro design, particularly in the style of rubber hose cartoon animation, lends itself well to mascots or characters that can make your design feel whimsical and fun. On the other hand, grunge leans on the ‘90s dark and brooding feel, and groovy borrows inspiration from the ‘70s with its kitschy yet sleek style.

Business Logo Design by Design Friday

Overwhelmed by the number of options you have for designing a business logo? Don’t worry. Even when taking inspiration from trends in business logo design, it is still difficult to make a logo on your own. That is why the best way to create a logo is simply to hire professional graphic designers, who come equipped with the skills and knowledge from hundreds and even thousands of hours of work.

Design Friday will understand exactly what your customers expect to see from your business and how best to execute a design that is unique to your brand. Your business deserves a good logo — trust in a professional to create one for you. Visit our website or call (917) 231-3570 today!