graphic design for men and women

How To Design For Men And Women?

  • Design Friday
  • 27th, Feb, 2020

The creative industry is filled with stereotypes. While it is true that gender-neutral designs are becoming more and more relevant every passing day, the masculine and feminine stereotypes still exist. For any graphic design company, the usage of gender stereotypes is something that they have to deal with, for the clients.

But how does a graphic design agency in the USA design for men and women separately?

Design For Women

There are certain design tips to follow when you are designing for a woman. Let’s take a look at those.


The best visuals that a woman can relate to is the one she can visualize. In terms of white label website design, women like the kind of design that knows how they live their lives.


Again, it’s the more relatable stories that a woman can connect best with. The more homely feel an ad or a white label website design has, the better it’ll work with women.


Women want the products they purchase, to have a value for now and over time. If they don’t get an answer to what value the product holds, for now, they will not be attracted to it.


Contrary to the stereotypical belief, women love to share. If your design gives them little things to chat about, they actually will talk about your product and unknowingly help your business.

Design For Men

The tips required to design for men are, unsurprisingly, different from that of the women. Let’s take a look at some of those.


Men are an ambitious species. They look into the future and aspire for things they can’t afford. Any graphic design agency in the USA should appeal to their sense of adventure and aspirations.


Men love to see evidence of the success of whatever they’re going to buy. Your graphic design company can’t design for men if you can’t show them the proof that others like your designs.


Contrary to women, men mostly care about now. They don’t care if a product will hold its value over time. For them, even white label website design services should only cater to their current needs.


Get the kind of design that men like, and they will surely brag about how your product helps them. Surprise them with your products and let them do the rest.

It’s not hard to understand that men and women want different styles of designs for themselves. While women are more about human touch, men are more ambitious. An ideal graphic design company follows these methods to cater to the men and women separately.