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Label Design Service Benefits

  • Design Friday
  • 23rd, Dec, 2021

If you have a tangible product to sell to your customers, it’s crucial to have a product label that promotes your brand and stays consistent with the rest of your marketing efforts. Not all graphic design companies offer label design services, but the best agencies will offer both digital and print design services.


Your product label is another opportunity for label design services to promote awareness of your company, product, and culture. 

Professional Design

Consumers usually correlate good packaging design with good products. With professional label design services, your packaging and labels will look clean, neat, and professional, giving your consumers more trust in your brand and product. 


Using professional label design services will give your brand consistency for consumers to recognize and become familiar with. This will build the awareness of your brand and different products, so that consumers will know what to look for, no matter where they might be purchasing your product. 


Using attractive label design services for your products will make it much easier to market and advertise your product along with your brand identity. Creating or utilizing a memorable logo, design, or character mascot will make your brand and product stand out against your competition. Logos or mascots can then be shared around the public and internet, giving you even more brand awareness and recognition. 

What to Include on LabelsWoman in shopping aisle examining product label

Label design services will look different depending on what the label is going to be used for. Different industries have certain requirements for label packaging as well. 


Of course, no matter what your product is, you will want a description of it, how it works, and what it should be used for. Some label design services will get creative and write descriptions in fun, unique ways to keep your audience entertained. 


If your product is consumable, you will need to include nutritional information on your label for each product. Make sure to check with the FDA and other guidelines so that your label has all the correct, necessary information. 


It’s best to assume, regardless of what it is,  that most of your customers will need assistance or further information regarding your product. Label design services can write out directions on your label in fun, engaging ways to keep your audience informed. 


On your label will also be your logo, or even your character mascot, to continue with your brand consistency and consumer awareness. Most customers identify their favorite brands through their logos, or even simply with the colors associated with their favorite brands. It’s absolutely crucial to include your logo or mascot on your label, along with your company name and product brand. 

Technical/Disposal Information

Label design services will also include specific information on your labels, such as storage information. If your product needs to be stored at a certain temperature, it’s important to specifically note the temperature range, along with any other valuable instructions. Your label should also include disposal information for things like how to recycle or properly discard the packaging or case. 

Color and Style

Of course, you will also want to include some eye-catching design on your product labels and packaging. If you have nothing but words in paragraph blocks, it will keep customers from noticing your product. 

Design Friday Label Design Services

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