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Simple Business Logo Ideas

  • Design Friday
  • 3rd, Feb, 2022

If you have a business, you need a logo. But with so many different logos already in use, how can you come up with an original business logo design? You want your business logo design to be attractive, grab attention, and convey your company, all at first glance. 

Determine Your Brand

If you haven’t already, create a brand identity for your business and company. Make sure to choose relevant colors for your industry. Some examples include using shades of red for food industries, or shades of green for medical industries. Think about your industry and service area and research relevant colors for that industry. Red often stimulates appetite, which is why it is often used for restaurants. Green is considered a soothing and healing color, and so many medical companies or hospitals choose to use it in their branding. 

Business Logo DesignDifferent shapes presented for logo templates

Once you understand your brand and pick out your color scheme, you should begin to ponder how to present your company in the form of a logo. Look at some of your competitors and discover what type of shapes or symbols they use in their logos. Be sure not to copy or include the same elements of their logo into yours, but rather use these as guides to generate your own ideas. 


Choosing a shape for the basis of your business logo design can give your customers a good idea of the feel or atmosphere of your business. Choosing shapes with hard edges and pointed corners are great for manufacturing areas, as it relates to the preciseness in your work. Using shapes with softer or rounded edges can give your business a more relaxed feeling. Those types of shapes are great for service industries, like daycare centers or nursing homes. Of course, experiment with both types of shapes to find a suitable business logo design. 


An easy logo you can make for your business will be a single letter or even acronym for your business name. This directly relates to your business and its identity. Combine this idea with the color schemes you identified previously to a text font you like, and you’ll have a business logo! Keep in mind the different ideas we also mentioned about shapes, those rules apply to letters and text as well. Using a text font with sharp edges, or one with rounded edges, will create different feelings towards your business. 

SymbolPopular logo icons

Creating a unique symbol for your business logo design will be a unique, organic way of getting your business to stand out amongst your competitors. Perhaps you can combine two different shapes along with your business color scheme to create a memorable logo. If your company has a mascot, an image of that mascot would also create a perfect logo. You may even be able to take known symbols and repurpose them with your own flair. Think of how often you see the medical cross (+) in different medically related industry logos. Each company included the cross but added more to it in order to make their own unique business logo design. 

Company Name

Sometimes you don’t need to overthink your logo. Your business or company name can be turned into a logo with your color scheme and a specific text font. Keep in mind the different things we have already discussed in this article if you choose this route. Make sure to incorporate a color scheme that will attract the kind of attention you’re seeking. Be aware of which text font you choose and how the shape of the letters might impact perceptions of your business. 

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