Difference Between Static And Dynamic Websites

The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Websites

  • Design Friday
  • 11th, Jul, 2020

When a web graphic designing company creates a website, they can choose to keep the site static or dynamic.

Static websites are the ones written in HTML, that display the exact same content for all the users. Meanwhile, dynamic websites are the ones that use advanced database management and programming alongside HTML to display customised content for the users.

Let’s take a look at the differences between static and dynamic websites when it comes to white label web designs.

Where do static and dynamic websites differ?

It’s common sense that two types of websites built on differing grounds will differ in some way or another.

Here you will see where these sites actually differ.

Static Websites

Entirely written in HTML, these websites generate and display the same content for every user. A graphic design services company can develop these sites in a short time without spending much money behind them. Alongside their simple structures, they are also quick in delivering information.

However, static websites are non-interactive and can’t be used as a generic modern website.

Dynamic Websites

These websites generate customised content based on the user and are built on Content Management Systems (CMS), which make them easy to update. White label web designs make it comfortable to use these websites on social media platforms, too.

But despite the user-friendly outlook, these sites harbour a risk of security issues.

Differences between static and dynamic websites

A web graphic designing company has to choose between static and dynamic websites, depending on what it needs to do.

Some of the significant differences between static and dynamic websites include:

  • In white label web designs, end users can upgrade dynamic websites, but static websites are considered challenging to upgrade due to their HTML texts.
  • A graphic design services company creates an organisation’s website in the form of static websites, whereas e-commerce websites are built as dynamic ones.
  • A single person can develop a static website with HTML and CSS codes. However, it usually takes a team of developers from a web graphic designing company to develop a dynamic site using advanced programming along with HTML codes.
  • Also, for a graphic design services company, dynamic sites are not as difficult to edit and upload on the server as static sites. For static websites, you need to upload a single page multiple times on the server.

White label web designs help a site transform and develop into a user-friendly one. Despite both dynamic and static websites having their share of pros and cons, a web graphic designing company uses them as and when needed.