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Top 10 Logo Design Ideas

  • Design Friday
  • 14th, Jan, 2022

Top 10 Logo Design Ideas 

A logo is the most important branding tool for any business. It needs to be recognizable, memorable, and unique. The logo design you choose should reflect your brand personality while also being aesthetically pleasing. Here are some logo design ideas that have been proven to work well in various industries. 

Top 10 Logo Design Ideas for Your Business Graphic designer on laptop creating designs

There are so many logo design ideas, and some stand out more than others. Here is a look at the top ten logo designs to help you get started on designing your logo: 

  1. Typography Logo Design 

A typography logo is a logo that consists of text only. This type of logo can be very effective if used correctly, as it can communicate a lot about your business simply and elegantly. 

  1. Image-Based Logo Design 

An image-based logo is a logo that uses an actual picture or graphic to represent the company. This logo is very popular, as it can be extremely eye-catching and memorable. 

  1. Lettermark Logo Design 

A lettermark logo is a logo made up of letters from the company’s name. Large corporations often use this type of logo with long names because it allows them to use their full name without taking up too much space. 

  1. Wordmark Logo Design 

A wordmark logo is very similar to a lettermark logo, but it uses an actual word rather than letters from its name. This type of logo can be more effective when used by smaller companies with short names or for well-known brands not to need their full name in their logo. 

  1. Monogram Logo Design 

A monogram logo comprises two or three initials representing your business. These logos tend to look professional and elegant, making them perfect for many different businesses regardless of industry or target market. 

  1. Emblem Logo Design Graphic designer in chair with laptop on lap working

Logos that use emblems instead of text or images are very popular because they can stand out while conveying a lot of information about the business. This logo design is often used by companies that have long names or ones with words that are difficult to work into a logo, but you can also use it for brands that have short and simple names as well. 

  1. Hand-Drawn Logo Design 

A hand-drawn logo can convey creativity and authenticity and be unique and memorable. Many people love seeing this type of logo because they don’t see it often, so they immediately stand out from other logos on your marketing materials or website. 

  1. Abstract Logo Designs 

An abstract logo consists of shapes or forms instead of letters, numbers, or images for its design elements. This type of logo tends to look modern, making it an excellent logo design choice. 

  1. Modern Logo Designs 

The modern logo design trend has been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to its clean lines, sleek style, and variety of colors. This logo looks great on all marketing materials, such as websites, brochures, posters, and more. It makes them ideal for any industry, regardless of whether the logo is viewed on a monitor or printed out. 

  1. Combination Mark Logo Designs 

A logo that uses a combination mark design is one where the logo has both an emblem and text. This logo makes it easy to convey what your business does while still looking professional, which can be a great way for many different companies to stand out from competitors in their industry. 

Logo Design by Design Friday

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