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Typography Tips For A Website

  • Design Friday
  • 11th, Mar, 2020

In design, communication is essential to establish a connection between the user and the brand. In web design, communication often refers to just the textual form. White label website design services rely on typography to make the reading experience effortless and exciting! Optimizing the typography of a website will positively influence the user interface, and top graphic design companies follow this pattern to get the best out of their designs.

Useful Typography Tips For A Website

A website requires different typography designs. Here, we will take a look at some of those.

Minimum Number Of Fonts

Generally, using too many fonts in a single website backfires for any brand. The more fonts you use, the clumsier it’ll look, and the worse it’ll deliver. A graphic design agency, filled with professional experts, knows that using more than 3 different fonts ruins a website’s outlook and subsequent optimization.

However, while choosing multiple font styles, it’s best to pick the ones that are relatable to and complement each other, mainly based on their character width.

Fonts With Distinguishable Letter

Certain typefaces have similar letterforms. It’s easy to confuse the ‘i’s with the ‘L’s. The top graphic design companies know how to choose the best ones where the letters are distinguishable. Due to poor spacing, the letters ‘r’ and ‘n’ often look like an ‘m’, which messes up the whole website design.

Also, keep the texts capitalized whenever you don’t require the reader to read long paragraphs. For that reason, a proper graphic design agency uses the all-caps style only during acronyms or logos.

Correct Usage Of Color Contrast

Color contrast can make or break a website’s designing interface. If you’re offering white label website design services, never use similar colors for the main text and background to make the text more visible. If the website doesn’t meet the color contrast ratio, the optimization takes a hit.

Once you’ve made a choice, always remind yourself to check it out with real users to gain a perspective on how it might look to the world.

Avoiding Red And Green

It may sound weird, but red and green must be avoided at all costs when you use fonts. However bizarre it may seem color blindness is real, and men fall prey to it more than others. And in men, red and green are most commonly found as a form of color blindness.

Top graphic design companies rarely, if ever, use red and green to highlight their text, as it can have a negative effect.

In 2020, typography is very much a big deal. Making the right choices can give the elusive polish to your website that others can only dream of. For your white label website design services, smart usage of typography is the future.