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What are the Different Types of Creative Design Services?

  • Design Friday
  • 25th, Jun, 2021

An eye-catching logo, a bright and noticeable billboard, a polished and consistent website—all of these and more are part of what aids a company’s success. These particular resources all fall under creative design services. If you want your business to come across as cohesive and professional, as well as stand out to potential customers, creative design services should not be considered an optional service. Creative design services are bait in the hunt for customers. The possibilities for improving any business’s image and brand are endless, and they start with utilizing what creative design services have to offer.

Logo & Branding

Your logo is who you are and what your brand is! It’s how people recognize without a word having to be spoken or written what business is being represented. A logo is powerful, just think of something as iconic as the Nike swoosh. It’s all that has to be shown and anyone’s head would be filled with athletic wear and shoes or sports equipment. There’s no questioning what that swoosh means or stands for. The same could be said for your business. A strong logo design is a necessity. 

While this may not be for every brand, having a character or mascot can also be beneficial. Brand guidelines are crucial; what message are you trying to convey? Your colors, fonts, and patterns used should be consistent across the board. Your customers should recognize that your company is yours regardless if they’re on your website, looking at signage, or reading from your letterhead. Branding is key.

Graphic Design

Successful branding is your goal, but graphic design is how you get there. It’s an important and unavoidable step of the process. This creative design service is the backbone of the production for many of the physical touches that make a business a business. Even personal branding needs graphic design because graphic designers craft the symbols and graphics that go on everything. Paper products such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes, flyers, and cards and invitations all need to be designed. Your brand will stand out when a client or potential employee sees your powerpoint, infographic, or brochure/pamphlet design.

Further materials like ads, banners, vehicle decals, clothing, shopping bags, stickers, and packaging are all important materials to be viewed by customers. How they all fit together with the appropriate logo and color schemes is the result of graphic design.

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Social Media Graphics

Social media is an inescapable aspect of current day advertising and marketing. Creative design services also extend to what your profile and cover design looks like across all platforms. Whether it’s a Facebook banner, an Instagram bio, a YouTube layout, or a well put together LinkedIn, your company’s social media presence is necessary. It’s an extension of your brand and should present as such.

Website Design

Cohesion for every single part of your brand makes your website the final piece of the puzzle. It’s also the last on the list of creative design services. Homepage design as well as your landing page and everything on those pages must be considered. The website icons, layout organization, and image editing are all important considerations. Every small detail of the website leads back to making sure the whole company looks its best. You may not think the little pieces matter, but they do—all of the creative design services contribute to making your company a whole.

Need Creative Design Services?

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