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What is White Label Design?

  • Design Friday
  • 28th, May, 2021

You want a website for your new or existing company, but you are so busy with other tasks. You want the website to be visually appealing, creative, and well-made to attract new customers. You want a solution that saves you money and time. You also want the best design company for the job. A white label not only saves you time, money, and stress, but it lets you focus on other priorities. 

Well, What is It?

A white label is when a firm is hired to create a website, without putting their name on it, for that company, so they can put their name on it. For example, say company X hires company Y to create a website for them. Company Y creates the website, without their name on it, and gives it back to company X. Company X is now able to put their name on the site. 


What is the point of white label design? What are the benefits for a company choosing to do this? 

Working With Experts 

If you are hiring the best design company to create a website for you, they are definitely experts at this. They understand website design, graphic design, logos, and more. White labeling allows you to sit back while the experts work, and you get to put your brand name on it afterward! They also go through and fine-tune everything. You know that what they produce will be in tip-top shape. 

Saves Time & Money

Why try and figure out how to start, what to do, and start from scratch when you can hire a company that’s done it before? White labeling not only saves you time, but it saves you from stressing out. You do not have to worry about researching, gathering resources, or color schemes. They will also be on top of deadlines more than someone in-house. Why? Because white label design companies are experts and have years of experience. They can complete tasks quicker and professionally. 

Saving time also saves you money. Trying to figure out website development, design, debugging, troubleshooting, and much more on your own can take time. All this time and money spent can result in bad-quality work. If you leave it to a white label company, they can deliver high-quality, professional work at a reasonable price. You can put all of your efforts into increasing sales or growing your business.  

Technical Support 

If something goes wrong, most white label design companies will take responsibility for it. They offer services that help fix bugs, install updates, security, and other support. You do not have to worry about troubleshooting or any other technical issues.


White label design allows for many customization options. Having a visually appealing website makes your company appear professional and trustworthy to customers. 

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How to Choose the Best Design Company 

You are relying a lot on the design company you go with, so you must make sure they are the best. Choosing a design company is an important task. Go with an experienced company with a solid reputation. Check out their portfolio, if accessible, and see if their designs are something you like. It helps if the company shares the same vision and ideas with you. Also, make sure they offer the services you are looking for. And lastly, a good company will have open and clear communication.   

Interested in White Label Design? 

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