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What’s the Best Graphic Design Service Plan?

  • Design Friday
  • 21st, Jan, 2022

When it comes to graphic design, website users react and understand more with visual aids. That is basically the foundation of a good graphic design. It requires a lot of strategizing within the marketing agency to optimize your business website. Visual representations will help deliver a message from the company to your audience.

A good graphic design can help your business website with:

  • Creating a good first impression: As your audience opens a link to your website, the first thing that they interact with are the visual representations. This is where they can determine what your brand is all about.
  • Improving your brand identity: Once you’ve established a good impression on your audience, they can then associate your brand with “good visual representations.” This would help increase your brand’s reputation.
  • Brand credibility: Once you’ve reached a certain level of positive reputation towards your audience, your brand will increase its credibility, forming a bond of trust with the audience.

Graphic design is not an easy task, which is why you should use graphic designing services for professional assistance. Be sure to be cost-efficient with the services that you hire.

To be cost effective with your graphic design service plans, you have to choose between paying hourly or having a flat rate.

How would you choose between the two that would benefit your company the most?

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Choosing a Graphic Design Service Plan: Hourly Rate Graphics vs. Flat Rate Graphics

Hourly Rate Graphics Plan

This fee rate mostly benefits the service that you hired because they are paid per hour of work. This protects them from scope creep.

Scope creep is an uncontrolled growth of a project over time. Scope creep occurs when your stakeholder’s requests within the project could affect the overall duration and make you go over the projected budget. Scope creep should be prevented if you are a project manager because it can cause chaotic effects to the project.

When scope creeps occur, you (as a project manager or business owner) are required to pay your graphic services for those additional hours.

Flat Rate Graphics PlanGraphic design workspace working on logo

Flat rate graphics are best used when you know how much the estimated time and budget your project requires. Your hired graphic service is guaranteed with a salary, regardless of how fast they can finish the job.

Flat rate graphics, however, are not protected from scope creep because a flat rate salary is already given before the project starts. Oftentimes, a project may take longer than anticipated, and they are stuck with the projected salary.

Which Should You Use?

Upon choosing which graphic design service plan to go with, it is important to evaluate your needs, duration, and budget if your project before deciding on flat rate graphics or hourly.

If you’re a business manager, you would want to choose which would benefit your brand the most. In that case, choosing a flat rate graphic design service would be the best choice, because it can help you with cost-efficiency.

You can save the most money with a flat rate service because you can ensure your stakeholders the best quality of your graphic designs because you can ask for revisions from your graphic design service without having to pay for extra work.

Graphics From Design Friday

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