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Why a Professional Logo Design is Important

  • Design Friday
  • 23rd, Jul, 2021

Whether you are just starting your small business, or if you’ve been in the game for a while, delegating a portion of your marketing budget to a professional logo design is the right move to make. Having a strong logo can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your business and a logo design agency can help you get the logo design of your dreams. But why would you need a professional logo design? Professionals at a logo design agency know what goes into a valuable logo that will bring in business, and one that won’t.

First Impression

A reason why professional logo design is important is that it’s the first impression any of your customers get for your business. A logo design agency will help design one that grabs attention. Any person who drives down the highway for a few miles and sees some billboards knows that there are logos that catch your eye and logos that blend into the background, so much that you don’t even notice the billboard. 

A logo is the first communication you have with your potential customers. It’s more complicated than it seems, because despite the simplicity of logos, a lot of thought goes into them. Does it convey the concept and values of your brand? You only have a few seconds with very little space to communicate a few things to them. You want them to know your name and what field you are an authority in. It has to be convincing and they should come away trusting you and your professionalism.

Brand Identity

The logo is also meant to establish who you are as a brand and company. Who are you attracting and who are you trying to attract? Do these two line up? A logo design agency will know how to align your goals and target market with what you put into your logo. Some of the elements of a logo that factor into this are color, font, and shape. 

For example, if you are selling products or services in the sports world, like a day camp for kids to learn how to play football, your messaging should line up with that. Your fonts should be bolder, your colors bright, and your accents with harder lines. If you are in the beauty business, like a hair salon, your fonts might be softer, your colors lighter, and your accents a little rounded. Even these ideas put customers in boxes and establish a specific identity. A logo design agency helps identify these nuances.

Your logo should stand out amongst competitors and attract your target. To drive it home, your logo will appear on all of your products, packaging, social media, signs, business cards, etc. This is powerful branding from a logo design agency and will further establish you as a serious business.

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You may be entering an industry, or are already in an industry where competition is strong, and you need something to help you rise above the rest. What makes you different? A logo helps convey tone as well, you should be recognized in a crowd of other businesses. In this realm, simplicity is king. The simpler a logo is, the more recognizable it is.

For example, if you are a bakery in town, but the only one that uses local, organic ingredients, you’ll want to find a way to convey that in your logo. A logo design agency could help you design something like a sun or a minimalistic graphic of groceries in a brown paper bag. These could all help people realize what makes you different and choose you. Take Apple or McDonald’s as well; they don’t even need to use words in their logos anymore. All they need to show is the apple or the golden arches and people know it’s them; that’s strong brand recognition.


Your logo should always be consistent. The more your customers become familiar with your logo, the more they’ll come back, and having returning customers is always a good thing! You want to have a cult following and a well-designed logo will lead you to that sort of success. This means you must be intentional in designing a versatile logo that will translate well over different mediums and look the same. A logo design agency will have guidance for what you should and shouldn’t do with the logo, as well as what should and shouldn’t appear with the logo.

Having a consistent logo also builds trust. Eventually, whether it’s people hearing good things through word of mouth or they themselves are loyal patrons, customers won’t have to question the quality of what you’re selling. If it has your logo on it, they will buy it.

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