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Why Are Logos Important For Your Company?

  • Design Friday
  • 5th, Nov, 2021

When I mention the letter “M,” what comes to your mind? Probably nothing, but if I mention golden, M-shaped arches, then I’ll bet I know exactly what you think of. A business is more than just it’s product or service. Sure those are an important part of profit-making, but having a recognizable logo can change the perception of your business from just a company to a significant icon. 

A Short History of Logos

While logos are considered a modern concept, we have been using a form of them for thousands of years. Whether it be the family crest of a proud bloodline, a symbol to embody the beliefs of a religion, a flag that represents a country’s history, or even painted shapes on a cave wall, logos have long been an important part of our history to easily identify things of significance. Modern logos are just as important today as they ever have been. Understanding the different methods of brand logo design is the first step in creating the perfect one for your business.

11 modern logo designs on a macbook. The logos are accompanied by other modern logos on the table in front of it.


What Makes a Good Logo?

There are several aspects to brand logo design that can either hurt or improve your design, from color scheme, to the pattern, to what it represents. Sometimes a logo becomes famous just because of the popularity of the brand itself; however, there are certain guidelines that can help you to make your logo stand out from the others.


If your logo is a fish with a mustache, but your business’ name, product, or service doesn’t involve a fish or a mustache, then it’s going to make it difficult for people to associate your logo with your company. A logo doesn’t necessarily need to perfectly represent what your business is about, but it certainly helps customers to understand what to expect from you. Making it relevant will help customers more easily connect your logo to your brand in their minds.


Having an overly complicated logo can, not only make it hard to understand what it is, but also difficult to recognize. Your logo should be easily identifiable from close and from afar. Having too many colors or details will make it look like a mess, and won’t be visually appealing. Let’s take Pepsi’s logo for example, just three simple colors in a circle. It’s easily identifiable based on the shape and you can see the colors from any distance. However, if they added two more colors and shapes to it, then it would become much less recognizable. A logo that is simple also tends to grab attention, much more than a complex one and make a good first impression.


Part of brand logo design is to make your logo distinct from your competitors. If it looks too similar to another company’s logo, then it could potentially be associated with the wrong service. Even worse, if the company that it’s mistaken for has a bad reputation, then that could negatively affect your own reputation as well. Having a unique logo will also make your brand more memorable than a generic one, because it’s hard to forget a logo that stands out. It’s usually much easier to remember a company’s logo than its name.

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More Assistance With Brand Logo Design 

Having a unique and consistent logo will create a positive and trusting relationship between your business and your customers. If you want to seek assistance from professionals that specialize in brand logo design, then there is no better choice than Design Friday. To learn more information about our services, you can contact us at (216) 616-1821 or visit our website!