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Why Good Graphic Design Matters

  • Design Friday
  • 21st, May, 2021

Graphic design services have become more important than ever in this digital world. Graphic designers utilize different aspects of design such as color and typography to grab and keep the attention of potential customers. Good graphic design services are more important to find, because bad graphic design can have the opposite effects you are hoping for. Good graphic design matters for a variety of reasons, and capitalizing on this opportunity will help your company grow moving forward. 

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Having good graphic design services keeps your brand and labeling consistent with one another across different platforms. If your graphics are different on your website versus your social media, it will be difficult to gain a base of followers and potential customers. Differing graphics can confuse your audience and make them distrust and ignore your company and brand altogether. Good graphic design services will either create or follow your brand guidelines to keep your company recognizable and consistent. 

First Impressions

The graphics will be the first things your audience or customers see. In a split second, they will form an opinion about your website, and ultimately your company, based on their first impressions of your website or graphics. Having bad or inconsistent graphics will lead whoever sees it to distrust your company. Subconsciously, people will think that if a company or website doesn’t bother to put effort into their graphics, how much effort will the company put into their services that they offer? 

Tell Your Story

Good graphic design can set you apart from your competition and other companies in your industry or service area. Following brand consistency, the story of your company becomes more clear to anyone visiting your website or seeing your social media posts. Is the logo for your restaurant just another burger, or does it incorporate something from your personal life, or the local area? The same goes for other industries as well, setting yourself apart from the rest of your competition, without straying too far from your industry elements, will gain you a lot of attention and potential customers. 

Social Media

Social media engagement has also become more important for companies in recent years. Social media is a great way for businesses to engage with their customer base and create more brand awareness about their products and services. Having a consistent branding between your social media and website will create more awareness and trust in your business and the products you offer. If you have good graphic designs on your social media posts as well, customers will share your content on your behalf, giving you an even bigger following. 


Related to first impressions of your business with its graphic design, good graphic design services can help change the perception of your company, brand or industry area. It may seem easier to create graphic design for more creative businesses like the food industry, cosmetic services, or even the entertainment industry, but can help engage customers on less exciting services, like tree removal or roof repair. Choosing a good graphic design style can make the most boring topics seem like the most fun. 


Trends always come and go, but if you can capitalize on them while they are still relevant, it could bring you some new business. Style trends, like pop art, have become popular again and companies have begun implementing it into their social media posts. Staying up to date with style trends can keep your company relevant and give you fresh ideas for social media posts as well. 

Design Friday Graphic Design Services

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