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Are These Graphics Designs Blatant Ripoffs?

  • Design Friday
  • 31st, Mar, 2020

Nowadays, in the name of creative ideas, people have been copying the genuine work of the artists. When we look deeply into the category of using the exact image, companies like Disney, Forever 21, and many more renowned companies have been caught red-handed. But thanks to the internet for picking out brands or individuals who have used the creatives without even giving credit.

Here a list of significant agencies compiled by the graphic design solutions in the USA about those individuals who have faced such discrimination with their work.

Thomas Pullin’s Artwork

The famous pigeon artwork by Thomas Pullin had created havoc among the graphic designers of the white label graphic design agencies in the USA. Neda Rabiei copied the artwork and named it Nockoff, without giving credits to Thomas. The overall image was the same except the contrast was increased, giving the background a pale yellow tinge.

Katie Woodger’s Artwork

The world-famous artwork by Katie Woodger on Alice from ‘Alice and the Wonderland’ was most talked-about among the graphic design solutions in the USA. Disney had deliberately used the image on their Alice on the Wonderland Cosmetic Bag without giving credits to her.

Tuesday Bassen’s Artwork

Well, the graphic design companies could not expect this from the renowned retailer Zara. Tuesday Bessen’s artwork was copied by Zara, as usual, without giving any credits.

Bassen is an independent artist and designer based out of Los Angeles. This ripoff was caught in the year 2016, through emails from fans who wrote about her designs being used by Zara, the international clothing brand.

Lili Chin’s Illustrations

Lili Chin, a Los Angeles based artist, popularly known for her Doggie illustrations, had to face the same issue. Her work “Doggie Language” was seen on the kid’s shirt at

Kohl’s did not stop there but changed a few details like eyes and ears had been changed. Also, bows and ties had been added to the copied illustration, with the images been flipped. The white label graphic design of the USA does still take this one as a reference.

The Firewatch Artwork

The ‘Firewatch’ artwork was an alluring artwork that illustrated a beautiful view from the tower. It was stolen by the famous automobile company- Ford for a promotional ad, without giving any credits. The image was taken from the indie game Firewatch. Illustrator Olly Moss had created the heavily stylized work. He based the artwork on the National Park posters from the 60s. The designers of the graphic designing companies do take this work as a reference.


In this era of technology, it is quite possible to use or steal any fantastic illustration without the courtesy of legally copyrighting it, which is sure to be caught in one or the other way. The best graphic design solution in the USA suggests the designers take reference from these and practice working them not steal them.