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Are These Graphics Designs Blatant Ripoffs?

  • Design Friday
  • 31st, Mar, 2020

Nowadays, in the name of creative ideas, people have been copying the genuine work of the artists. When we look deeply into the category of using the exact image, companies like Disney, Forever 21, and many more renowned companies have been caught red-handed. But thanks to the internet for picking out brands or individuals who …

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Basic Design Principles

Designer Storytelling Part-1: Basic Design Principles

  • Design Friday
  • 23rd, Jan, 2020

For a¬†graphic design service company, the design is an integral part of making a brand stand out amongst their peers. It includes a variety of projects, including web design, advertisements, social media graphics, etc. And while your creative self would want to fly high and create an out-of-the-box art, the trick is to tame it …

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