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Being Guilty Of Design Consumerism

  • Design Friday
  • 29th, Apr, 2020

In the modern world, we are found wanting to live a luxurious life – spending a fortune on things we want but don’t necessarily need. To pinpoint one particular aspect that leads to this behavior is – consumerism. From the marketing scenario, a graphic design company exploits our want and sells us the elusive luxury! And needless to say, their graphic design services are carefully catered to our expectations and sometimes beyond!

Is Design Any Good?

But the question has to be asked – what good does design do?

I see graphic design companies near me adhering to the needs of clients and consumers they work for and using technology to feed our evergrowing want every passing day.

And not just that… the moment technology comes in the fore, these companies deliberately slow down their hardware to make us give in to their hardware market. And as a result, consumerism doesn’t entirely take a hit!

A designer’s work revolves around making a brand’s product more appealing and helping them sell. In a graphic designing company, this idea is exploited in a way that designers become directly responsible for consumerism. For example, e-commerce websites and applications strategize their designs cleverly to make users panic and buy the things that they can actually live without.

What Instigates A User To Buy?

So, what exactly do graphic design services do, that manipulates the users into buying products?

Well, for starters – time. Yes. Time creates a sense of urgency, like nothing else. If there’s not much time left, you are almost bound to make hasty decisions.

Let’s face it – we are greedy beings. And being the same species, a graphic designing company knows that! When we see a certain number of products left, we feel the innate urge to buy before the stock ends. How do we know that the correct number is put up and that the companies are not just messing with our heads? Similarly, when we see a discount on a particular product, our greed comes back to haunt us! Graphic design services slash product prices as an incentive to buy!

Thus, what exactly does design contribute to the world? If I am to draw a conclusion, it has to be consumerism, and that’s not something everyone will like. The graphic design companies near me believe that consumerism is the way to go, because, frankly, it is what marketing is based on. Designers are inadvertently guilty of design consumerism, but in the end, it depends on the kind of person you want to be, and whether you believe in the importance of consumerism.