Basic Design Principles

Designer Storytelling Part-1: Basic Design Principles

  • Design Friday
  • 23rd, Jan, 2020

For a graphic design service company, the design is an integral part of making a brand stand out amongst their peers. It includes a variety of projects, including web design, advertisements, social media graphics, etc. And while your creative self would want to fly high and create an out-of-the-box art, the trick is to tame it down just about. Once you get the balance between a web graphic designing company’s professional look and creativity, you’ll be all set for designing!

Basic Design Principles That Improve A Brand’s Outlook

Here are some of the most basic design principles that can improve a brand’s outlook and make it more acceptable for the consumers.

Contrasting Ideas

One of the most important design principles, contrast, brings out the emphasis of competent, creative design. Its importance in white label web designs is unquestionable since it guides the viewer to the focal point of the designs.

contrasting ideas

Balanced Designs

If ever you are searching for some stability in your graphic design service company (which turns out to be the case most of the time), getting it all balanced is vital. But that doesn’t mean your designs need to be symmetrical. It could be asymmetrical, too, based on the scale and contrast.

balanced designs


To make designs look particularly strong and relatable, repetitions are the need of the hour. White label web designs need consistency to make a brand or product recognizable.


Proportional Visuals

A white label web design is easier to manage when you break it down in proportional parts. For a web page, the visuals get easier to design for a web graphic designing company if you focus on the different parts separately.

proportional visuals


The colour of a white label web design often influences its mood. Graphic design services companies use varying colour palettes to bring out the contrast and complement the motto of the design.

website colour

White Spaces

Sometimes, less is more. And sometimes, not having anything can have a more significant impact on a design. Web graphic designing companies put extra effort into white space to make a white label web design speak a thousand words.

White Spaces

Visual Hierarchy

White spaces lead you directly to the visual hierarchy of design. Certain elements of a graphic design deliver important but nuanced messages, and graphic design service companies use the technicalities of a visual hierarchy to give them extra space.

visual hierarchy designs


Typography is one of those free-spirited souls that bring out the best in any design. Web graphic designing companies feature a lot of typography in their concepts to help artworks become stylistically significant.

typography design

The principles mentioned above work a great deal towards brand acceptance. If you seek expertise from a graphic design service company or a web graphic designing company for your brand, make sure you receive the best possible services!