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What Your Logo Says About Your Brand

  • Design Friday
  • 18th, Feb, 2022

So you want to create an outstanding logo that helps to promote your brand generated from your brand logo design? You will want to produce a design that will help to provide a sense of recognition to your brand when someone comes across it. This step will give your logo the importance it needs. Constructing a logo that shows your personality, reveals your originality, creates symbolism towards your business, while also conveying your professionalism will be the first steps to creating a successful logo that presents your business’s brand. 


Designers working on brand together at shared workspaceShow your business’s personality and style through your logo. Create a design that doesn’t only show the style of your business, but also the personality of your business. This can be shown through the colors used, or the abstract design of the logo. Generating a brand logo design that displays your business’s personality will give your clients or customers a sense of the style of your brand. For example, having a logo that is many different bright colors and lots going on, will display that a business is more loud and outgoing. Creating a logo that is abstract and one or two colors only will provide clients with the idea that this business is more serious or represents your business in a more conceptual way. 


The originality of your business’s brand logo design is a big aspect of making your logo memorable. Having a memorable logo will bring people back to your business, as well as bring new clients wanting to learn more. Discovering an original logo will create curiosity in your business because your logo is the first thing that people see when coming across your business. Your logo does not only build the curiosity of people to view your business, but also the want to come back to your business because of the memorable and original logo you created. 


Constructing your business’s symbol to remind your clients and possible clients of your business is key to creating a brand logo. Most logo’s could consist of the name of the business and a symbol that connects the business to its product or services. Symbolism is creating a symbol that represents an idea, which means creating a logo that symbolizes your business will automatically connect your logo to your business in all aspects. Whether the logo pops up on an ad or seen on your website, people will instantly connect it with the logo to your business due to the symbols you use that connect to your business.

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Designing a logo that presents your business’s professionalism and work ethic will create more credibility and trust towards your business. If a logo is made sloppy or unoriginal , then that will show how your business is run. As said before, your logo is the first thing that brings clients or customers into your business. With a professional logo, those clients or customers looking for your services or product will trust and gravitate more towards your business. Everyone always says not to judge a book by its cover, but we all still do it, and it is the same with the professionalism of a brand logo design. It is so important to create a design that is creative, yet professional, for those who do judge by the cover/logo to want to engage and view more about your business. 

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Following these tips can help with the creation of your business’s brand logo design. If you are in need of that extra help to make your logo the best it can be, then Design Friday is here to provide those services to create the best logo for your business. Visit our website or contact us at (917) 231-2570 today!